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Mental health support for people with learning disabilities

Webinar recording: 27th March 2024

In this webinar, Professor Eddie Chaplin explores why more people with learning disabilities experience mental health problems than the general population. This webinar will review prevention, assessment, and management of mental health problems in people with learning disabilities. It will also provide guidance on adaptations to treatment and how best to find the right services for individuals.

You can download a PDF of the presentation here.


About the Speaker:

Professor Eddie Chaplin

Professor Eddie Chaplin is Professor of Mental Health in Neurodevelopmental Conditions at the Institute of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University. Professor Chaplin specialises in mental health of neurodevelopmental disorders. His current research relates to identification and understanding neurodevelopmental conditions in the Criminal Justice System. He is currently Head of the Scientific Committee for the European Association of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability and the Editor for the Advances in Autism. He has published extensively in peer review journals and several books and training packs.


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