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Using cognitive behavioural therapy for people with learning disabilities

Webinar recording: 11th October 2023

This webinar looks at psychological interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which are clinical and cost-effective treatments for anxiety and depression within the general population. In the past, learning disability has been viewed as a reason to automatically exclude someone from being able to receive CBT. People with a learning disability have a right to access the full range of therapies that are available for conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Effective treatments would also reduce unnecessary suffering and demand for mental health and social care services. This webinar will look at how CBT can be adapted for people with a learning disability and how CBT can help the individual to become “their own therapist”.


About the speaker: 

Angela Hassiotis is a Professor of Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist Camden Learning Disability Service, UCL Division of Psychiatry. Angela is a leader and pioneer in applied clinical research for people with learning disabilities and has long been an advocate for interventional research. Her research focuses on the use of data to improve care for people with learning disabilities and the development and testing of interventions for this population.

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