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Improving communication, improving lives: how professionals should talk to the people they support

Webinar recording: 10th February 2022

In this webinar, Alexis Quinn, autistic woman and author; Dr Jeremy Tudway, Clinical Director for Dimensions, and Max Green, Ambassador for the National Autistic Society, talk about how communication is key to providing good care to people with a learning disability and/or autism. It looks at how professionals communicate with the people they are supporting, what they do and don’t say, and how they say it.

About the speakers:

Alexis Quinn was a school teacher of over 10 years, former professional athlete and author of her ground-breaking memoir, Unbroken and currently Manager of the Restraint Reduction Network. Activists all have a story or defining moment that propel us into action. Alexis Quinn’s began with a crisis after she birthed her first child and her youngest brother died. She asked for help from services but responded autistically to the ‘help’ and was detained under the Mental Health Act for three and half years before escaping to Africa.

Jeremy Tudway is a Chartered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and the Clinical Director for Dimensions. He has worked with people with learning disabilities, autism and complex mental health difficulties since the early 1990s. During his career, he has co-authored a book on integrating psychotherapies, written psychology papers for journals and books, been involved in training and research, and delivered international conference and keynote presentations. Jeremy leads a team that develops positive ways to support people across the Dimensions group. He also works to improve the way in which society can become more inclusive for people with learning disabilities and neurodiversity.

Max Green is one of Dimensions Coronavirus and Autism Leaders. He is passionate about raising awareness and understanding of autism. As well as working full time in IT, he is also a YouTuber, an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society, an actor and  a public speaker, talking about his experiences of having autism.

The webinar recording is available here.

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