The first SOLACE 'Local Government Knowledge Navigator' 'Need to Know' Review.

The review summarizes available research-derived knowledge and evidence of good practice that has relevance to inform local government policy and practice in relation to supporting those citizens who experience learning disabilities.

Contents : 1 Introduction
2 Who are people with learning disabilities?
3 How many People with Learning Disabilities are there?
4 Key issues experienced by people with a learning disability
5 Current demand and anticipating future demand for services
6 Policy directions
7 What can be done by public services to manage demand and provide appropriate levels of support?
8 Data, impact and quality
9 Innovation and what works in practice: themes from good practice examples
10 Innovation and good practice examples
11 Resources
12 References
Examples of Innovation and Good Practice : Selected case studies illustrating and exploring key aspects of this LGKN Evidence Review.