Four more staff members from the former Winterbourne View residential hospital have admitted abuse charges.

Graham Doyle admitted 7 charges, Sookalingum Appoo admitted 3, and Danny Brake and Jason Gardiner admitted 2 at Bristol Crown Court. All had charges brought against them under the Mental Capacity Act. Following this, Judge Neil Ford QC adjourned proceedings against the four pending the preparation of reports. The case was brought to light by a BBC Panorama documentary on Winterbourne View in May 2011, which included secret filming of residents being allegedly abused. The home, which was operated by Castlebeck, was closed the following month with all 24 residents moving to alternative accommodation. Another hearing will be held after Easter for the remaining four defendants.

 Three other former staff members - Wayne Rogers, Allison Dove and Holly Draper - pleaded guilty to charges in February. They are currently awaiting sentencing.