Margaret Flynn (chair)

Stockport Safeguarding Adults Board, 2012

On 1 December 2009, the body of 22 year old Adult A was found in a river. The injuries he sustained included a severed spinal cord and extensive brain damage. Two men were convicted of Adult A's murder and a man and two women, one of whom was the mother of Adult A's child, were convicted of conspiring to inflict grievous bodily harm. The murder trial revealed that Adult A had been murdered because he owed £15 to the girlfriend of one of the men convicted of his murder.

Adult A was a former Looked After Child (LAC), as was one of the individuals associated with his murder. In fact, all but one of those convicted were, to varying degrees, also known to Children's Services. As an ex‐LAC Children's Services had a duty, to advise, assist and befriend Adult A, with a view to promoting his welfare, until he ceased to be Looked After (Children Leaving Care Act 2000; Children Act 1989). By the time of his death Adult A, who had a mild learning disability, had not been deemed eligible to receive Adult Social Care services.

The SCR was commissioned by Stockport's Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults' Board in May 2010. It is based on written information provided by Adult Social Care, Stockport MBC; Children's Social Care, Stockport MBC; Community Health, Stockport; Greater Manchester Police; Stockport Homes; Stockport Foundation Trust Board; The Wellspring; and two GP surgeries. Telephone and person‐to‐person interviews were also carried out during May‐June 2011, since the written evidence provided only an incomplete chronology.