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How tech can support careers and everyday living

Individuals with mild-to-moderate intellectual disabilities may experience difficulty completing and remembering to complete functional daily activities independently. This can have an adverse impact on their life, ‘social status’ and self-confidence.

After witnessing these negative consequence and accruing years of experience teaching and supporting individuals with learning difficulties, we at Avail had a strong desire to research and develop strategies to assist and empower individuals to acquire independent living skills and new opportunities.

Supporting independence

Avail™ is an educational solution that promotes learning and independence for those with cognitive related disabilities. The award-winning solution delivers digital instructional prompts to the individual through their phone or other smart device, to support them to complete specific tasks or activities through the use of a smart device.

Prompts are personalised to the individual’s goals and capacity. They are identified and created by the end user, staff members or professionals and designed to promote optimum independence. The Avail data management system records activities, learning and independence.


• Discreet support
• Self-directed learning, increasing confidence and wellbeing
• Engaging and motivating approach to learning
• Reduces reliance on Staff/Job Coaches and promotes positive relationships.

For organisations:
• Accelerates personal development and job-readiness skills
• Increases capacity and reduction in staff resources and materials.
• Built-in responsive job analysis for easy implementation and programme creation

Versatile applications and environment

As you build your own person-centred profile, Avail™ can be used across multiple domains, in school, adult services, employment and residential services to enable lifelong learning.

Kevin’s story

Kevin has worked in his local shop for over five years. Wanting to up-skill and learn tasks, he expressed his desire to use the pricing gun. This is a common activity and role his fellow work colleagues would complete. Within two weeks of using Avail, Kevin mastered the task and can now completed this task independently. He now has identified other employment duties he would like to acquire to further build his capabilities. 

Rob’s story

Rob has an intellectual disability and physical disabilities. He has been working on mastering domestic routines and tasks since he began living on his own. He has difficulty completing activities like cooking, cleaning and washing clothes on his own and was in need of direct assistance with all daily living tasks.

Rob loves technology and his team were thrilled because they were able to create video models from his perspective. Staff noted increased motivation and independence in completing everyday tasks and a reduction in direct support staff.

How much is a licence?

The Avail software licences, for learners, begin at £275 per year. Most organisations seek a package which includes free licences for coaches or supporters, free App downloads, the management platform with extensive reporting, full implementation and training and 30-50 learner licences for £12-15,500. Find out more.


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