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Rock band with learning disabilities release first single

Delta 7Delta 7, a 7-piece rock band from Eastbourne, East Sussex, whose members all have a learning disability, have just released their debut single, and the money raised from it will all go to charity.

The members of Delta 7 – Mikey, Fraser, Elliot, Harry, David, Craig and Speedy – write and perform all their own material. Their shared love of performing, positive energy and mutual support allows them to create music that is infectious and inspiring, making Delta 7 an uplifting and powerful voice for everyone who feels a little outside ‘the mainstream’ of society.

Earlier this year, the band inspired Brixton-based filmmaker Rosie Baldwin to write a documentary script about them, called ‘We Rise’. The script won the Picturehouse Members Film Competition and, as part of the prize, a 2½ minute short film was professionally shot and produced by London-based advertising agency McCann London and production company Craft London.

Following a positive reception of the film and interest generated in the band including BBC TV news coverage, McCann London has now produced a song recorded with the band during filming. The band’s debut single ‘The Jungle’ – and accompanying video – is out now and can be purchased via all major digital music channels. All profits from it will go to Culture Shift, the charity that brought the band together and continues to support them and others with disabilities in the south of England.

Mikey Reynolds, who plays keyboards in the band, said: “Delta 7 is very important to us. We have a great time together, we look out for each other, we understand each other. It is great to be part of the band.”

‘We Rise’ premiered at Picturehouse Central on September 27, 2016, and has been shown before every full-length feature at all Picturehouse cinemas across the country. It tells the uplifting story of how the seven individuals facing diverse problems in their everyday lives have come together to express themselves and challenge stereotypes through music.

Julia Roberts, director of Culture Shift, said: “In a climate of increasing cutbacks, Delta 7 thrives with community support, both in terms of donations from individuals and in-kind offers. The band seems to be answering a need for positivity, inspiration and visibility for marginalised people. Delta 7 embodies community resilience and optimism.”

Mike Oughton, creative director of McCann London, added: “Delta 7 create a brilliantly atmospheric sound that reminds me of post-punk band, The Fall. Their message reminds us all of the value of music as a tool of empowerment. We’re humbled and honoured to be able to help the band and the charity grow further with the release of ‘The Jungle’.”

Watch the music video here:

Watch the We Rise film here:

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