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Artists with learning disabilities to launch installation at Deptford X Fringe Festival

RedStart Arts Deptford FestivalRedStart Arts, a collective of artists with learning disabilities, will have an installation at the forthcoming Deptford X Fringe Festival at the Deptford Lounge art gallery in London.

The collective, which is led by professional artist Cash Aspeek, have exhibited in various galleries around London in recent years since forming in 2011.

RedStart’s latest installation is called weatherSCAPE. The inspiration came from the artistic ventures of the artists in the 1960s who worked with inflatables and free form events, who broke barriers in terms of art being inclusive, including people and communities.

Redstart Arts discovered the Atrium space at the back of the Deptford Lounge building and got excited by its height and drama with a wish to explore this space to its fullest potential creating floating free forms derived out of discussions between the artists and observations of their local dramatic weather, Aspeek explained.

The work evolved from experimentation with materials, techniques and processes, allowing freedom of expression and transformation. The result is floating atmospheric sculptural forms allowing each individual Redstart the freedom of expression and making themselves known within the collaborative process, he added.

weatherSCAPE will be on show as part of the Deptford X arts festival and has been funded by Arts Council England, and Crowd funding. It will be in the Atrium space at the back of the Deptford Lounge from September 23 to October 3. The gallery is open 8am-9pm on weekdays and 12pm-5pm on weekends.

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