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What to look forward to with In Focus

Our brand-new magazine, In Focus, is dedicated to people with learning disabilities, their family members, carers and other professionals involved in their care. It is a quarterly, themed publication, which groups together all the latest evidence in one place.

Cover of In Focus magazine January 2024 Volume 1 Sample issue

This magazine is designed to shine a light on good practice and provide practical tips and resources to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

We believe good practice should be shared and celebrated as often as possible. It can provide a valuable lifeline for carers and family members, yet it often goes unnoticed. Instead, media headlines are so often dominated with care failings and avoidable deaths. We believe those involved in the care of learning disabilities should be provided with the resources to change this narrative and ensure everyone with a learning disability is given the care and life they deserve.

This introductory issue explores how carers can support people with learning disabilities to live a happy, healthy life. Inside, you will find articles on relationships, socialising and having fun, as well as exercise, nutrition and employment. We have also included external links to a wide variety of helpful resources which you can explore at your leisure.

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Forthcoming editions of In Focus

There are 1.5 million people with a learning disability in the UK, many of whom need support to be able to live independent lives. Behind them are family members, support workers and carers who work hard to provide the best care possible.

Each issue of In Focus will act as a resource pack for those involved in the care of people with learning disabilities. The topics that will be explored in 2024 include:

March: Transitioning to adult services

When children with a learning disability reach the age of 18, they transition from children to adult services. This transition period can be very challenging and confusing for young people with a learning disability and their families. This issue will outline what to expect during this period, how to prepare, as well as information about where to access support if you need it.

June: Housing

Appropriate housing can have a huge impact on safety and overall quality of life for people with a learning disability, but too often, they have no choice over where they live. A lack of appropriate housing in the community leaves people with learning disabilities at risk of being locked away in hospitals even when there is no medical need. This issue will explore the housing options for people with learning disabilities, as well as offering practical guidance on care and support planning, and how to challenge social care decisions.

September: Employment

The proportion of adults with a learning disability in paid employment has decreased over time, and now stands at just 5%. This is despite 86% of people with a learning disability wanting a paid job. This issue focuses on the barriers to employment, interventions and policies which could boost the employment rate, and expert advice on how people with a learning disability can boost their chances of getting a job.

December: Healthcare

People with a learning disability generally have worse health than people without a learning disability. Despite their high levels of need, they are an underserved population and as a result, they are three to four times more likely to die from an avoidable medical condition. This issue will examine the importance of good quality healthcare, why people with learning disabilities are more likely to experience poorer healthcare and what they can do to ensure they get the healthcare they need and deserve.

If you need any further information or have article ideas please contact the In Focus editor at [email protected].

The In Focus edition also offer sponsors the opportunity to be closely associated with a key topic. For further information please contact our commercial manager at [email protected]

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