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‘That’s Not My Name’: Heavy Load record Ting Tings hit for Hate Crime Week

Punk band Heavy Load – which is made up of people with learning disabilities and their carers – have recorded their own version of the Ting Tings’ smash ‘That’s Not My Name’ for Hate Crime Week.

The band hope that by releasing the song, they can raise awareness amongst people with learning disabilities that verbal abuse is a crime and shouldn’t be tolerated, even if they’re used to it.

The band has deliberately changed the lyrics to the song to say: “They call me spaz, they call me special, that’s not my name”. They band have said that it’s important people understand that the words, which are in common use, are offensive.

They said: “We’re fed up with hearing people like Jeremy Clarkson using words like ‘retard’ and Frankie Boyle’s offensive jokes. So many words of hate are in common use on TV, across playgrounds and in work places.”

The song gets released through the band’s own record label on 21st June 2011. It will be available for downloaded through Bandcamp.com for a 1 week special price of 49p.

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