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Raising awareness of #undiagnosed children

SWAN UK 180SWAN UK (Syndromes Without A Name) has launched a new animated film to raise awareness ahead of Undiagnosed Children’s Day this Friday (24 April).

The film, entitled ‘Ellie’s story’, will be released online on the day, explaining what it means to have an undiagnosed genetic condition and what SWAN UK is doing to help.

For this third annual Undiagnosed Children’s Day, the charity is encouraging people to use social media to promote the impact that having an undiagnosed child can have on children and their families.

Join @journalfhc in using the hashtag #undiagnosed to boost social media presence of undiagnosed conditions

Approximately 6,000 children are born every year with a genetic condition that is likely to remain undiagnosed.

Lauren Roberts, the Coordinator of SWAN UK said: “Life for families of children with undiagnosed children is tough. Without a diagnosis they have no idea what the future may hold for their child and find it almost impossible to access information and support.

“Families consistently tell us that before finding SWAN UK they honestly thought they were the only ones in this situation – Undiagnosed Children’s Day is a chance to reach out to as many of them as possible and let them know that they aren’t alone and support is out there.”

The charity reports that people are further getting involved and generating awareness for Undiagnosed Children’s Day by taking part in running events including the London Marathon. SWAN UK is encouraging people to donate £5 by texting SWAN11 to 70070.

Further reading: GM Journal editor Alison. Bloomer’s personal account ‘What can I tell you about life with an undiagnosed child?’

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