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Collin Brewer to face no criminal charges over comments

brewerCollin Brewer, the former Cornwall councillor who said that disabled children “should be put down”, will not face any criminal charges, Devon and Cornwall Police have said.

Devon and Cornwall Police said there was “insufficient evidence” to charge Brewer.

The investigation resulted from an interview Brewer gave to the Disability News Service in May where he likened disabled children to deformed lambs who would be “smashed against a wall”.

In the interview, he added that there “may be a case” for treating disabled children with high support needs like sick animals in a bid to keep down the cost of caring for them.

Following that interview, Brewer, an independent councillor, was censured by Cornwall Council in July, which condemned his remarks as “outrageous and grossly insensitive and entirely inconsistent with the standards expected of a Cornwall Councillor.”

Brewer resigned from the council soon after.

Second resignation

This was the second time Brewer had resigned from the council over remarks made about disabled children.

In February, it emerged that in October 2011 Brewer had remarked to a member of staff at Disability Cornwall that disabled children should be put down because they cost too much money. This led to him apologising and resigning from the council.

However, at the local elections in May, Brewer was re-elected to the council as an independent, with a majority of 4.

Devon and Cornwall Police said that after a “full and thorough investigation” into complaints made about his comments no charges would be brought against Brewer.

Superintendent Jim Pearce, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “Allegations of this nature are understandably upsetting.

“Devon and Cornwall Police robustly investigate such allegations and whenever there is sufficient evidence we will do everything possible to bring an offender to justice.”

A by-election to replace Brewer as councillor for Wadebridge East is due to be held on September 5.

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