My Perspective winnerThe winners of the Down’s Syndrome Association’s (DSA) international My Perspective competition have been announced at a prestigious ceremony at Kew Gardens. 

Dame Judi Dench announced the winners. Overall winner was Emily Buck with her stunning photograph ‘Reflection’ (pictured). 

Emily said of her winning image: "When I went on my canal holiday and I saw this and thought it would make a really nice photo.” 

Second place was jointly awarded to Steven Padmore, for his image ‘Raindrops on my Window’, and Carlos Biggemann for ‘Colours of Fire.’  

"I took this photo on a rainy day and I can see the window of the house opposite reflected in all the raindrops," said Steven.

Carlos explained the title of his image: "Colours of the sun, flames and fire,” he said. “These things that you see on this photography you can feel the warmth. The reason why the tree is behind? I have a very good reason for it, it is to break the contrast between the two colours orange and yellow. This was taken in Australia on a sunset in Uluru. This one attracted my eye. I was admired of the whole combination of the sky and the tree behind it."

Carlos' image also won the first Stephen Thomas Award, presented to him by Stephen’s brother Paul. The DSA and the competition’s sponsors GSK created this award to honour Stephen Thomas’ life. Stephen, along with his father David, died in a boating accident in Canada in 2015. Stephen was a talented photographer and in 2014 he won My Perspective with his beautiful photograph ‘Moraine Lake’. The prize enables one of the shortlisted international photographers to travel to the ceremony. Carlos travelled with his family from New Zealand to accept this award. 

Actress Sarah Gordy also attended, and performed contemporary dance during theES6 evening as part of The Culture Device Dance Project.

The runners up in the competition were: 

Tenzin Andrews, The Netherlands - Blote Billen 

Alex Auld, UK - Woodland Path 

Konstantina Chamalidou, Greece – The Park 

David Cormack, UK – Winter Sheep 

Rory Davies, UK – Narnia 

Christopher Diedo, UK – Shadow Beach 

Gabriel Dodds, UK – Dartmoor 2 

Alex Dodson, UK – West Bay Cliff 

Lucie Fickling, UK – My Favourite Colour 

Daniel Geeson, UK – Sun Through the Trees 

Claude Gonsalves, UK – Paint Fun 3 

Klay Green, UK – Sunny Afternoon 

Daniel Harrison, UK – Spring Time 

Kosmas Karikas, Greece – View 

Ben Larkin, UK – Bumpy Tree 

Hubert Lawless, UK – Secret Pond 

Stephen Lucas, UK - Grizzly Bear 

Maria Mantzolopoulou, Greece – Cycle 

Edward Phippen, UK – Derwent Water 

Gabrielle Shann, UK – Flowers 

Harry Smale, Channel Islands – Bella Landscape 

Gordon Stewart, UK – Norwegian Fjords 

The DSA launched My Perspective in partnership with the hugely successful Shifting Perspectives. In years gone by, people with Down's syndrome were photographed as exhibits; the viewer was not supposed to see the person, just the difference. My Perspective turns the camera around and gives people with Down's syndrome the chance to show the world from their point of view.