Values Into Action (VIA), a learning disability campaigning charity, is to close because it can no longer find the funds to continue.

VIA fought for the right of all people with learning disabilities to live ordinary lives in ordinary communities through research, training, policy work, consultancy, outreach and accessible information.

From its inception in 1971 VIA campaigned vigorously for the complete closure of the mental handicap hospitals – the first UK organisation to do so. It met with vitriolic opposition from entrenched interests but its views, based on common sense and humanity, prevailed.

VIA went on to campaign for improved community support services, respect for people’s human and civil rights, and equal treatment under the law.

Joanna Perry, VIA’s chair, said: “We have had to take the difficult decision to close. Many people will know that we had to make our valued and skilled team redundant two years ago. We’ve continued to work on high quality, small scale projects, but we can no longer find the money to continue. We are immensely proud of VIA's contribution to making the UK a fairer and more equal place for people with learning difficulties, but so much more remains to be done.”