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The budget and services for people with a learning disability

Well what an interesting couple of days it has been.

There was an interesting speech given by the man who decides how government spends our money and how much is to be spent. The speech says what money will be provided for when we are sick or we need our bins emptying. He, the chancellor, provides money for other government departments to spend – either the right money or not enough for us to be able to use services that we need and want.

When I say interesting what I mean is, if you love following politics like I do. If you don’t, the speech was more bad news because it offered nothing to make the lives of people with a learning disability better.

Well, if we wanted particular help for social care and learning disabilities, forget it. There will still be a postcode lottery for social services, despite the injection of cash for social care of £2.6bn, but I doubt we will see much of that for learning disability services.

So, really not much good cheer for the learning disability world although the big event will be in November – with the new single budget – and so we will see what goodies or baddies the money man in government has to offer then.

I don’t hold my breath.

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