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Mental Welfare Commission, 2013

The Commission wanted to look at the quality of life, the opportunities and the choices being experienced by people who have been traditionally labelled as having high or complex support needs. This includes people with learning disability who have additional mental illness, behavioural difficulties, or significant physical or sensory problems. The Commission was also interested in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and people with forensic issues linked to their learning disabilities.

The Commission visited 202 individuals in 29 of the 32 Scottish local authorities, and looked at various aspects of the arrangements in place to provide care and support including:

  • living arrangements
  • the support provided and how this enabled people to live a more independent life and make choices as far as they were able
  • participation in the planning and review processes by the individual and the professionals, particularly those from the local authority
  • how risks were identified and managed
  • rights and restrictions and the legal authority for these
  • access to mainstream and specialist health services

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