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Ethical Issues in the Use of Telecare.

Jennifer Francis and Pamela Holmes

Social Care Institute for Excellence, 2010

This report provides a summary of the findings from work undertaken by the Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities on behalf of SCIE. It explores the complex ethical issues surrounding the commissioning and provision of telecare and the difficult decisions that professionals may face. Some solutions to these difficulties are also discussed. The aim is to ensure that commissioners and providers of telecare address these issues when developing their procedures and protocols.

The report is therefore aimed at the following audiences:

  • social care commissioners
  • social care providers
  • telecare manufacturers
  • telecare providers
  • policy makers

People arranging telecare for their own support needs, and the families of those people, may also find this report valuable, as it explores what they might reasonably expect from the professionals providing a telecare service.

N.B. This document can be downloaded by clicking on the ‘Download’ button to the right of this summary.

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