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The Same As You? 2000-2012.

Scottish Government, 2012

The purpose of this consultation report is to summarise the evidence which an Evaluation Team has gathered about the progress on The Same As You? from published evidence and from face-to-face interviews with people with learning disabilities and family carers about their lives.

The purpose of the evaluation was to find out whether people with learning disabilities and family carers were experiencing the changes the The same as you? had tried to bring about. 50 people with learning disabilities and 50 family carers in 4 different areas of Scotland were interviewed. The interview schedule for people with learning disabilities was based on The same as you? and focused primarily on people’s lives. The carer’s interview asked about the person they supported, their experiences of caring and, finally, their views and opinions. The date was analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The consultation gives the opportunity to comment on the findings and to share experiences and views. The Scottish Government wants to know if people agree with the findings of the evaluation, what their experiences can tell them how to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

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