Service users and staff at Doncaster’s Eclipse Centre stage their own version of the Olympics to show their support for Team GB.

Service users at the centre, run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) made flags, banners and a papier mache version of Olympic mascot Wenlock, as well as a papier mache helicopter for the Queen to get to the Games. They were also split into three teams – England, Wales and Ireland and discussed teamwork and healthy competition, and designed team shirts which they then decorated.

The event was also used as a way to discuss the benefits of healthy eating and the connection between a good diet and fitness, and what’s needed to achieve sporting success.

Christine Caddle, RDaSH senior staff nurse, said: “Our games were designed so that everyone could take part and have a chance at winning a medal. We had an opening ceremony with an Olympic-style flame, with the teams parading through the car park and into the building.”

Service user Peter Ogden said: “I have really enjoyed the day, playing all the games, it was great. I wish we could do it every week.”