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Red Tape Challenge “worrying” claim Scope

The government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’ could set a dangerous precedent for cutting services and leaving little chance to appeal, the chief executive of Scope has claimed.

The proposal is designed to get rid of outdated and unnecessary bureaucracy, and will rely on members of the public to tell MPs what regulations they want to be removed. The Red Tape Challenge will cover a wide range of topics, including healthy living and social care regulations.

The government has set up a special website to do this at www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/home/index/ But Richard Hawkes, chief executive of Scope is concerned that the Red Tape Challenge could take power away from people with disabilities: “The government is rightly concerned with outdated, unnecessary bureaucracy – but its Red Tape Challenge sends a worrying message. “Anyone that has found themselves on the receiving end of sharp practice, corner-cutting and discrimination by big businesses or town halls will know how hard it is to hold them to account. “Surely David Cameron doesn’t want to strip people of what power they do have in the name of cutting red tape? “He can’t really mean that hard won rights to care services, accessible buildings, employment, education and health care – not to mention the entire Equality Act – could all be scrapped. “We urge the PM to commit to retaining regulations that protect people from unfair, arbitrary or inept decision-making.”

The Red Tape Challenge highlights a different area of regulation every two weeks. It will cover healthy living and social care from June 23 to July 6.

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