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Poobusters’ video aims to start a conversation about dangers of constipation

The dangers of constipation in people with a learning disability have been highlighted in a fun new video created by members of Derbyshire Healthcare’s Learning Disabilities service.

The catchy new music video about the risks of constipation features Adam Chilcott, Daniel Hardy and Dan Walmsley, Strategic Health Facilitation Assistants at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which provides learning disabilities services in Derbyshire.

The three appear in the video as members of ‘Poobusters’ – giving advice about how to spot the warning signs of constipation, and how to avoid it, whilst bopping along to a cheery soundtrack. This is an accessible video for people with a learning disability to facilitate conversation around constipation and what they can do about it.

The risks of constipation

Dan Walmsley, who took part in the video, said: “It felt great to be a part of the video. It is important that people know that if they are struggling to go to the toilet, there are people to talk to.”

The video has been produced in collaboration with NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG using funding from the LeDer (Learning from deaths of people with a learning disability) programme, which is a service improvement programme for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

It seeks to highlight in a fun, accessible way how important it is for people with learning disabilities and their carers to understand the issues of constipation and the importance of recognising and dealing with this.

Lisa Coppinger, commissioning manager for learning disabilities and autism with Derby and Derbyshire CCG, said: “The aim of the video is to raise awareness among people with learning disabilities about the risks of constipation, to better educate them on how to avoid further discomfort and health concerns.

“The video’s catchy and rhythmic song is memorable and will help to embed each step into the viewer’s mind in bitesize, accessible chunks to aid toileting issues.”

The Trust website also includes an EasyRead guide to issues with constipation and a guide with information for families and carers.

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