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People with learning disabilities ‘stuck in institutions’, new statistics reveal

Winterbourne ViewThe latest quarterly data from NHS England looking at the number of people with a learning disability in inpatient settings in England has shown that more people continue to be admitted into assessment and treatment units than are moving out.

The statistics, prompted by the creation of the Winterbourne View Concordat, highlighted that between 31 March and 30 June 2014, 358 people have been admitted into assessment and treatments units and only 261 have come out.

Other key findings included:
• 78% (2,024) of patients still do not have a transfer date
• Of the 577 people who do have a transfer date, 38% have a local council that is not aware they need to be transferred back into the local area
• 50% (1,296) of patients have a local council that is not aware they need to be transferred back into the local area
• 6% (147) of people in assessment and treatment units are children

Jan Tregelles, chief executive at learning disability charity Mencap, said: “This announcement by NHS England shows that people with a learning disability are systematically being let down.

“Despite constant promises to move people with a learning disability out of units like Winterbourne View, appallingly, more people are going in to these units than are coming out. What’s more, this frightening trend looks set to continue as 78% of people still don’t have a transfer date.

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“Serious concerns remain even for people with a proposed transfer date. For almost 40% of these people, their local authorities are unaware of their planned return. We know people with a learning disability need joined-up local health and social care support – this is clearly not happening. When this is not in place, people are more likely to end up right back in the very units they are being moved from.

“Every day that progress is delayed is another day where vulnerable children and adults remain in units where they are at increased risk of abuse and are often far away from their families and friends.

“We want to see the urgent progress in the development of long-term and sustainable care in local communities, to make sure people get the right support, in the right place, at the right time. Further delays in this programme are simply unacceptable.”

To read the report in full go to www.england.nhs.uk/tag/winterbourne-view/

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