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Next Autism Friendly Film screening announced

Cinema-goers with autism and other sensory needs will have a Christmas treat to look forward to, with the announcement of the latest Autism Friendly Film screening – animated sequel Happy Feet 2.

Happy Feet 2 will be shown at more than 60 ODEON cinemas around the country on Sunday, December 18 at 11.30am. More than 2,000 people attended the last Autism Friendly Film screening of Arthur Christmas earlier this month. The project, a partnership between support provider Dimensions and ODEON, aims to bring newly-released films into an environment that is more inclusive for people with autism and people with learning disabilities.

At Autism Friendly Film screenings, subtle adjustments are made to the cinema so that it is more comfortable for people with autism or learning disabilities. This includes the lights being left on low and the volume being turned down. No trailers are shown at the beginning of the film and people can move around the cinema and make some noise if they want.

For more information visit Dimensions’ website.

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