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New resource to help families of disabled children plan for holidays

The disabled children’s charity Newlife have released a new information resource to offer greater practical and emotional support for parents of disabled children when planning for holidays.

The charity produced the guide after listening to parents who called their Nurse Helpline and were clearly struggling to meet their child’s daily needs.

The ‘Happy Holidays’ guide aims to remove some of the pressure from parents, tackling many of the issues families of disabled children face when planning for trips away.

As well as providing hits, tips and organisations to contact, the guide also offers advice on insurance, accessibility and equipment considerations, and handling unexpected scenarios.

Helping families plan for a “happy, safe and exciting summer”

Carrick Brown, Head of Child and Family Support, said: “We have filled Happy Holidays with all the information we feel every parent needs to know before taking their disabled child away for a break, whether it’s for a day out or a two week stay.

“Families are so often caught up with meeting their child’s daily care needs that they find it difficult to plan ahead and find any overnight stay quite daunting. This guide is designed to help parents to aspire for holidays, while helping them plan ahead and consider different ways that can make the time away less stressful and more memorable.

“We support families every day on a wide range of topics, and preparing for holidays is something that often comes up. We believe our experience and knowledge gained over the years can help families plan for a happy, safe and exciting summer, no matter where they go.”

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