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New book on caring for people with a learning disability

Pavilion Publishing will be publishing a new book next month looking at how the skills and attitudes of a carer can elevate the life of the person they care for.

Art of Caring for People with Intellectual Disabilities is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and asks carers to analyse their own core values in relation to their role and to identify strategies to help them fulfil their values.

It explores the multifaceted nature of the caring role – from carer to nurse to companion and beyond – and how to overcome the range of challenges involved in caring for people with intellectual disabilities using the concept of ACT to enhance the wellbeing of both carers and those they care for.

It is written by Professor Robert S. P. Jones, a Honorary Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bangor University and Dr Jonathan Williams, a Principal Clinical Psychologist in an NHS Learning Disabilities Service.

Professor Jones is also a retired Consultant Clinical Psychologist and former Head of Adult Clinical Psychology Services for Learning Disabilities in North Wales. He is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications and several books. Before training in clinical psychology, he was a care worker for people with severe intellectual disabilities.

Dr Williams has over two decades of experience within psychology and specialises in supporting adults with intellectual disabilities, building on his formative experience as a support worker. He has written a wide range of academic papers about supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

The book will be published June 2023.

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