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Mass-participant disability sporting event on the hunt for team captains

Superhero Series are on the hunt for team captains to lead a team of superheroes at the UK’s only mass-participant disability sport series.

This year, the ‘At Home Superheroes’ event will take place from the 23rd – 20th August. The event is open to anyone who considers themselves to have a disability and can be completed wherever and however you wish.

Superheroes who decide to take part will be placed in one of four Super Teams, where they will run, wheel, swim, push, taste, touch and dance to rack up as many kilometres as possible.

Every Superhero is welcome to enter the competition either on their own or with the support of their super Sidekick(s).

Team Leaders should have “strong Superhero spirit and major motivational skills”

The Superhero Series are now on the hunt for Everyday Superhero Team Captains, who can win the chance to lead the Super Teams across the world and stop off at some of the best party destinations.

Paralympian Sophia Warner, who founded the Superhero Series in 2016, said she is looking for entrants with “strong Superhero spirit and major motivational skills.”

“All you need to do tell us how you find your power and why you have what it takes to be the best Team Captain,” she explains.

Former Team Captain Ethan said his favourite part of leading a Super Team was “motivating [his] team mates”, as it made him feel “proud”.

“You should apply to be a Team Captain because it will be brilliant for your confidence and self-esteem, plus you’ll have tons of fun,” he added.

Enter by 25 March to have a chance at becoming a Superhero Team Leader

Sophia says that the event was born out of a lack of sporting events for people with disabilities, and now the Superhero Series aim to hold inclusive, fun and bold sporting events, while also creating a community of superheroes and sidekicks. 

She said: “I know first-hand what a hugely positive impact sport can have on a person’s life and I believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy momentous and often life-changing sporting events.”

“We’ve gone all out to try to think of everything we can to ensure everyone can be a Superhero for the day. But if you can think of something that we may have missed, please get in touch.”


The competition closes on the 25th March, and you can enter by visiting www.superheroseries.co.uk.

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