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Learning disability support provider launches client-designed service evaluation DVD

Bethphage Q Checkers An organisation that provides support for adults with learning disabilities to help them live independently has produced a new client-designed DVD for use as an introduction to evaluating its services.

Shrewsbury-based Bethphage has developed the Q Team Checkers DVD with extensive input on the information and layout from its service users. Various themes affecting day-to-day living are covered including: communication, involvement, respect, relationships, health, safety and managing risks, choices, how to complain, compliments and changing things, finance and work. Each pack contains details on how to carry out a visit and complete the appropriate paperwork, score and evaluate the provision which, in turn, is fed into the overall auditing process.

With the initial aim of offering new people accessing its services a useful tool, Stef Kay, operations director at Bethpage, realised during its production that the content was also relevant to other providers similar in nature to Bethphage.

“Most of the work on this project was undertaken by our service users, with minimal guidance and direction from us,” she explained. “As a result not only do we have something which they are proud of and empowered by, but we can also sell as a generic tool to other health workers, social care, and advocacy service providers. The Q Team has grown in confidence, as well as gaining a definite sense of purpose and pride in the work they have and carried out on the DVD, which doesn’t stop as evaluating our provision is an on-going process.”

Two clips from the DVD are available to view on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/l5rNuCXABgY (‘How do we check services?’) and http://youtu.be/fVj-W8RKXRc (‘Why check services?’).

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