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Learning disability charity launches service user blog and people’s charter

langdon jwebLearning disability charity Langdon has launched a service user written blog, and is introducing a People’s Charter as it seeks to put the voice of its people at the heart of its work.

The blog is a platform for Langdon residents to talk about life in Langdon and reflect on experiences meaningful to them.

The People’s Charter is a document for the whole organisation, created by Langdon residents from Manchester and London on what Langdon means to them and what they want out of it.

It establishes 10 affirmations to be honoured by Langdon’s residents and 10 response affirmations from Langdon staff, who have committed to making the vision outlined in the Charter a reality.

It includes service user pledges such as ‘We commit to the importance of working alongside our support team to help us to achieve all the things we want in our lives’; ‘We will work towards achieving our highest levels of personal independence’; and ‘We will work to increase our skills in all areas of our life, in employment and education’. Corresponding staff pledges include ‘Langdon will not make decisions about people, without them’, and ‘Langdon commits to supporting people to achieve a good home, work and social life balance’.

Robyn Steward, autism consultant, said: “It’s important for people to have a voice. The blog enables people to share their daily lives so readers see the person as a whole, not just a disability.”

Dianne Martin, Langdon’s director of operations, added: “Ensuring that the voice of the people we support is heard above all others is central to the way we work. The blog and charter are exciting and important new tools that tangibly demonstrate our strong commitment to this person-centred approach.”

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