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Dance charity to take over train station in celebration of Learning Disability Awareness Week

The multi-award-winning charity Dance Syndrome is due to take over Manchester Victoria train station on Saturday 18th June in celebration of Learning Disability Awareness Week.

As part of the takeover, the charity’s dance leaders (who all have Down’s syndrome or a learning disability) will be leading routines for people to watch and join in with.

The dance leaders will also be talking about their work as a charity and what they have achieved in their careers. In this way, they hope that the general public can see that having a learning disability isn’t a barrier to living a successful and fulfilled life.

Showing the general public what life with a disability is like

Dance Syndrome was founded by Jen Blackwell, who started the charity when she realised that there weren’t many community dance classes available to people with learning disabilities.

Now, Dance Syndrome sessions and performances happen all over the country, all of which are led by people with disabilities.

Dance Syndrome also offers leadership training and in doing so, strives to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to not only be included, but to become more visible citizens, have their voices heard on important issues, to follow their dreams and to succeed in their ambitions.

The charity hope that the dance takeover will enable to dance leaders to show off their leadership skills and show the general public what life with a disability is like.

A “wonderful opportunity” for people with a learning disability to “have their voices heard”

Julie Nicholson, Managing Director of Dance Syndrome, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Northern again after a successful takeover of Manchester Oxford Road station earlier this year to celebrate the Down’s Syndrome Awareness campaign.

“Learning Disability Awareness Week seemed like the perfect time to do another takeover because the theme this year is about telling people what life is like if you live with learning disabilities. The best way to communicate this is for our Dance Leaders to get out into public places and demonstrate their leadership skills.

“When we talk to our Dance Leaders about what is important to them, they often say that they want to be accepted in society and have their voices heard so this is a wonderful opportunity for them to do that. Please come and join us and show your support.”


If you would like to join in Dance Syndrome this weekend, the team will be performing at Manchester Victoria Train Station between 10:30am to 1pm on Saturday 18th June.

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