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Charities mobilise on DLA cuts

Thirty-nine charities have submitted a report to MPs detailing why proposals to cut the mobility component of the disability living allowance (DLA) is “misguided”.

The report, ‘DLA mobility: sorting the facts from the fiction’ looks at the 8 reasons given by the government to cut the DLA mobility and offers clear reasons for the government to scrap the proposal. The government has already agreed to delay the withdrawal of the mobility component from disabled people in residential care until 2013 and has promised a further review. But they have not removed the proposal completely.

Mark Goldring, Mencap’s chief executive said: “While we welcome the government’s pledge that nobody will lose their funding for mobility, we cannot see any alternative to DLA mobility that would offer the same choice and control for people with a disability living in residential care. We cannot stress to the government enough how important it is not to take this independence away from the people that so desperately need it.”

The report is a follow up to ‘Don’t Limit Mobility’, which looked at claims that the removal of the DLA mobility component would remove an overlap in public funds.

Both ‘DLA mobility: sorting the facts from the fiction’ and ‘Don’t Limit Mobility’ can be downloaded from www.mencap.org.uk/dla

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