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Celeb sparkle added to ECG residents’ Christmas

European Care Group Paul PottsChristmas came early for two residents of a European Care Group home when they recently received a priceless gift from their favourite singing star.

Leonora and Lesley live at Glan Road, a service in Aberdare that supports adults with learning and physical disabilities, and got in contact with opera star Paul Potts on social media to let him know how much they enjoyed his music.

To their surprise they received a handwritten note of thanks from the Britain’s Got Talent winner along with signed copies of his album for the pair to enjoy over the holiday season.

Pauline Tate, manager at Glan Road, said the pair were thrilled and they haven’t stopped smiling since receiving the gift.

“We are so pleased that Paul sent Lesley and Leonora such a thoughtful and kind note, along with a signed album,” she added. “They truly are thrilled as they are long-standing fans of his music. It’s not every day you hear from celebrities so this was an exciting Christmas present for them to receive!”

Glan Road is part of the European Care Group who provide person-centred support for adults with learning and physical disabilities.

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