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Castlebeck to close Rose Villa

Care home provider Castlebeck has announced it is to close the Rose Villa learning disability residential care home in Bristol.

Castlebeck had suspended four members of staff at the home in July over allegations of misconduct following an inspection by regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC had reported that it had “serious concerns” about the services provided at Rose Villa.

However, Castlebeck’s chief executive, Lee Reed, stressed that the closure of Rose Villa, a step-down service for individuals with learning disability in a community setting, was for “purely operational reasons.” A statement from Castlebeck confirmed that a process of transition for the five residents at the home has begun, in conjunction with service users, their families and care managers, to ensure they experience the least disruption as possible. Staff members were informed of the intention to close the service this morning.

A process of consultancy around redundancy for the 30 staff at Rose Villa will be undertaken. In accordance with Castlebeck’s policy, all will be able to apply for alternative employment within the company as appropriate. Reed said: “It is with deep regret that we are to close Rose Villa. “We are proud of the progress those living at Rose Villa had made in the 18 months it has been open and wish all previous residents the very best in their new homes. “The service is being closed purely for operational reasons. Whilst we recognise the concerns raised in the recent CQC inspection report, our decision has resulted from the fact that in reviewing operational practicalities, Rose Villa would be left on its own in the south west – some distance from the support that could be provided by our services in the West Midlands. “The decision is purely voluntary and not at the instigation of CQC. “We very much appreciate the support given to Rose Villa by commissioners since the service opened. However, we also understand the scrutiny they are under in terms of continuing to commission from a service where CQC have identified concerns, albeit that these could, in our opinion, be relatively easily addressed. “Our priority now is to ensure the period of transition for service users is as minimally disruptive to them as possible and to support the staff team at what is a difficult time.”

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