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11th edition of Easy News highlights MP’s ‘bedroom tax’ vote

easy news 11

Learning disability charity United Response has published the latest edition of its easy read newspaper ‘Easy News’, with a lead feature on the MP’s vote to “axe the bedroom tax”.

The 11th edition continues Easy News’ focus on engaging with readers about complex and controversial topics without talking down to or patronising them.

Alongside the MPs vote, this edition covers the Rotherham abuse scandal, the Ashya King ‘abduction’ case and the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Since launching in 2013, Easy News has sought to give people with learning disabilities the opportunity to find out what is happening in the world in order to gain a greater understanding of current affairs and how politics affects their daily lives.

UR Consultants, a group of people with learning disabilities and autism supported by United Response, attend an editorial meeting each month to select and translate the stories. They select from a variety of news sources to create an easy read newspaper featuring simple words and relevant pictures and symbols, and have called on United Response to publish more challenging stories.

UR Consultant Dan Hodges, aged 22 who lives near Knowsley, has worked on the magazine since its launch. “Everyone has some form of capacity to understand the news as long as it is made accessible,” he said. “Easy News really focuses on the news by removing jargon and changing big words to smaller words that mean the same. We aim to make smooth and flowing news stories.”

To download edition 11 of Easy News visit: www.unitedresponse.org.uk/easy-news

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