Bowel Cancer UK has launched a new resource to help people with learning disabilities and their carers in Scotland make informed choices about bowel health and their Scottish bowel screening programme invitation (10th September 2012).


The ‘Bowel Health and Screening’ pack is aimed at people aged 50-74 and includes a guide for carers, which aims to give them the confidence to discuss good bowel health. Also included is Bowel Cancer UK’s Good Bowel Health book and the Scottish National Bowel Screening Programme’s Bowel Screening DVD resource.


Scotland has a higher incidence rate of bowel cancer than most other countries in the Western world; around 1,600 people die of the disease in Scotland each year.


Minister for public health, Michael Matheson MSP, said: “We know that the earlier cancer is found the easier it is to treat and that our bowel screening programme provides the best opportunity to find cancer at the earliest stage. It is therefore vital that bowel screening is accessible to all and I am delighted to support a new resource which will give those with learning disabilities and their carers the tools and support to decide whether screening is right for them.”


Sarah Porch, director of services at Bowel Cancer UK, added: “Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in Scotland but it needn’t be, as if it is caught early it is very treatable. Ensuring everyone knows about the symptoms of bowel cancer and the importance of going to their doctor if they have them is crucial. Understanding the importance of and taking part in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme is also extremely important. The clear and concise information and images in this resource will help promote good bowel health and earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer and so save lives.”