The future of learning disability is under serious threat,  healthcare intelligence provider Laing & Buisson has claimed.

The organisation said that financial pressures on local authority budgets and an alarming shortage of housing stock will jeopardise the provision of support for adults with learning disabilities.

They claim that local government cost cutting measures and central government's changes to benefits and allowances will further compound the problem. The claims follow the publication of two new research documents by Laing & Buisson - Illustrative Cost Models in Learning Disability Social Care Provision and Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Issues in Learning Disabilities Social Care Provision.

Commenting on the publication of the two reports, Laing & Buisson chief executive William Laing, said: "Unless these issues are better recognised and more holistically addressed, for instance through the provision of extra funding by the Commission on Funding of Care and Support, there is an increasing likelihood that many providers will go out of business. This would result in an even greater crisis and shortage in specialist service provision."