Inclusion International have joined forces with Clean Slate UK to offer a grant to a group of people with learning disabilities who want to do a project about employment.

The grant is made up of money that was donated by the friends and family of their colleague Liz Haverda in her memory.

The grant is worth £5,000 and the group of people with learning disabilities who get the money will have seven months to do their project – from June 2022 until December 2022.

The project should create something that people will be able to see or use after the project is ended such as a video about inclusive jobs in the community, an event to share information about the project or training about the right to have a job.

You can apply if:

  • You have an idea for a project you would like to do that is about jobs in the community for people with learning disabilities.
  • You have ideas about what should change people with learning disabilities have jobs and are included.
  • You are part of a group that wants to do this work together
  • You have support from an organisation that can help you make this project happen
  • Your group is based in the UK.

More information on the grant is available here.