minstead art 180A student at Minstead Training Trust for people with Learning Disabilities has hosted his first exhibition and sale at RUM’S EG Gallery, Romsey.

Joshua Mattack's exhibition of his "striking" animal paintings was open from 22-29 May at RUM’S EG Community Gallery and Cafe in Romsey.

He is the first student from Minstead Training Trust to mount a solo exhibition, which featured more than 50 original paintings as a celebration of the student's skills.

RUM’S EG staff first met Joshua when he visited the Gallery with Minstead Training Trust Art instructor, Moya Gabriele, and were so taken with his work that the idea of the exhibition was born.

Joshua’s family said: “Joshua has a unique view on the world that enhances his creativity and love of all types of art and craft. With all the support he receives from Minstead Training Trust, his talent for creativity, in particular art, has blossomed; and has helped to develop his sense of self-worth.”

When Joshua joined Minstead Training Trust in September 2009, he initially drew very small black and white pictures. His talent has developed and now he loves to work with acrylics to paint animals using vibrant colours, bringing shading and movement to his pieces. Joshua has the ability to capture a level of detail which is amazing considering he does not reference or copy other illustrations.

Dovetail Framing is also supporting Joshua in this venture by sponsoring the cost of framing.

To see examples of the work visit www.hampshireartandcraft.org