Hoople 180Hoople Training has become the first organisation to be granted permission to run specialist physical intervention training under licence from PRICE (Protecting Rights in a Caring Environment) Training.

The decision to grant Hoople a licence enables PRICE to significantly increase its training capacity for the programmes, which are British Institution of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accredited and strictly regulated and monitored.

Techniques used on the programmes are thoroughly risk assessed and subject to rigorous quality assurance processes, requiring trainers to undergo intensive training. In order to comply with these requirements, Hoople’s lead trainer, Charlotte Watkins, took part in a three-day programme to become a PRICE instructor.

"Having this licence provides us with the opportunity to further improve what we currently deliver to customers,” said Watkins. “By working alongside PRICE, there is now scope to provide various services with a more ‘needs specific’ and ‘person-centred’ programme. I feel reassured by the values embedded within the PRICE courses. This is so important when supporting vulnerable individuals."

Hoople, which has offered physical intervention training for many years, hope that the accreditation will enable them to provide more flexible physical intervention training to meet the specific and specialised needs of adults’ and children’s services.

PRICES training and consultancy director, Victoria Preece, added: "All of our programmes are person-centred and have at their heart positive behaviour support – they are not courses that just focus on physical intervention; we encourage our trainers to look at the behaviours that are being displayed and to try and understand the motivation behind them. Challenging behaviours are usually a response to an unmet need and when we understand what that need is, we can better support the individual."

Plans are now in place for the organisations to develop a new programme that focuses on positive approaches to dementia care. A pilot will take place in late 2015 with the new course being available in early 2016.