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Young adults with a learning disability launch employment advisory group

DFN Project SEARCH, a transition to employment programme for young adults with a learning disability, has launched a Youth Advisory Group to help encourage more inclusive employment.

The Youth Advisory Group is made up of twelve members who are existing interns on DFN Project SEARCH programmes from across the country.

It provides a much needed voice for young adults with a learning disability, autism spectrum condition, or both, helping to share insights from their own perspectives on how business can be doing more to improve inclusive business practices to help more young adults with learning disabilities get into employment. 

What people with a learning disability need in the workplace

Jonathan Leech, Youth Advisory Group member, said: “The Youth Advisory Group gives us a voice and chance to help employers better understand what people with a learning disability need when it comes to the workplace and trying to find jobs.”

The group meets the third Wednesday of every month alongside DFN Project SEARCH employees to discuss inclusive recruitment and methods to make this more accessible for everyone.  

Over 1600 young adults have now graduated with over 1,475 interns securing full-time paid employment through DFN Project SEARCH programmes in the UK. Typically, 70%  of interns secure employment against the national average of just 5.1%.


DFN Project SEARCH CEO Claire Cookson said: “We are very excited to have our talented interns unite together and bring insight to employers on how businesses can make adjustments to become more inclusive.

“When given the right support, interns can truly thrive and make a huge contribution to society. Our mission is to build a more inclusive workplace by helping to create much improved career opportunities for young adults with a learning disability.”

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