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New guide to help adults with learning disabilities to find employment launched

FPLD logoA new guide has been launched to help adults with learning disabilities find employment.

The guide, called Getting a Job, has been launched by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (FPLD), in partnership with The National Valuing Families Forum.

An increasing number of people with learning disabilities want a job, but less than 10% of those living with their family have a paid job. The new guide is designed to support families and help overcome the barriers that prevent their relatives secure a rewarding working life.

This comes at a time when investment into employment schemes for people with learning disabilities continue to deliver disappointing results, yet the importance of work to an individual’s self-esteem, independence and sense of purpose is well known.

The guide, written by Dave Barker, a family carer at the National Valuing Families Forum, includes information on the value of working, where to find support, simple and achievable top tips and a practical action plan to get started.

“Because we are in it for life, we cannot put total trust in professionals and organisations that come and go,” Barker said. “We should work together and lead the process of getting a job and this guide will help those who want to do this.”

Christine Burke, senior development manager at the FPLD, added: “Families have a hard enough time sourcing accurate support and information to provide the best quality of life for their relatives. This guide will offer useful information, raise aspirations and make employment an option for people with learning disabilities, most of whom want to work.”

To download ‘Getting a Job’ for free, click here.

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