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‘National Insurance holiday’ promised for businesses that employ learning disabled recruits

Disability Minister Penny Mourdant attempted to swaylearning disabled voters yesterday in emphasising that a ConservativeGovernment would incentivise employers to take on more diverse workforces.

Penny Mordaunt at the disability hustings event“We will give a national insurance holiday to employers whotake on a disabled person,” the MP for Portsmouth North told an audience of 100disabled people, charities and journalists from media outlets including LearningDisability Today.

In reiterating her party’s manifesto pledge, Mrs Mourdantattempted to placate an audience member at the disability hustings event, co-hosted by Mencap, who hadtold her “employers don’t give disabled people a chance.”

The majority of disabled adults in the UK remain out ofwork, and the inequity is particularly stark for people with learningdisabilities.

Mrs Mourdant said the Department for Work and Pensions areworking on a “one-stop shop” website for employers to access all theinformation and support they need around disability.

She insisted that she will ensure it is extensively marketed to employers when launched, if she is re-elected.

Panelists representing Labour and the Liberal Democratsalso took part in the event.

Kate Green and Baroness Brinton took aim at theConservatives over their handling of work capability assessments and socialcare funding.

Mrs Green reiterated Labour’s pledge to raise the carer’sallowance in line with employment support allowance, while Baroness Brintonpromised the Lib Dems would oversee a substantial review of all social carefunding.

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