Accessible guides to the General Election have been launched to ensure people with a learning disability feel able to make their voices heard and cast their vote.

Voting stationAn Easy Read guide for people with a learning disability on how to register to vote, the political process and how to vote on the day has been produced by Mencap and the Electoral Commission. There is also a guide for supporters of people with a learning disability on how to help the person they support to cast their vote. 

The guides use simple language and pictures, which make it easier for people with communication difficulties to understand the often complicated political process.

On Friday, Mencap launched a campaign calling on each of the five major political parties to ensure they produce their manifestos in Easy Read format to ensure the one million adults with a learning disability are able to make an informed decision about who to vote for.

“Without Easy Read, people with a learning disability will find it really difficult to vote, and could be excluded from the election completely," said Ismail Kaji, who has a learning disability and works as parliamentary support officer at Mencap.

"That is not acceptable. We deserve to be included and have the same opportunity to have our voices heard.”