Elliot Rosen may not be a household name yet, but he could soon become the first superstar with Down's syndrome. Rosen has just joined the cast of one of the highest rating shows on television - EastEnders - as Eddie Moon's son, Craig, where he will be regularly seen by millions.  While the means of introducing Craig - the old 'long-lost brother' plotline - was toe-curlingly clichéd, at least he's made it to Albert Square now. That in itself is significant because Craig could help to break down the stigma that still affects people with Down's syndrome. In fact, I've blogged before on how soaps could contribute to the fight against stigma by introducing characters with learning disabilities. The power of programmes like EastEnders to help tackle stigma is undeniable. For example, Stacey Slater's development of bipolar disorder was a long-running and much-praised plot that has been acknowledged as helping to raise awareness and understanding of the condition. At the time, MDF, The Bipolar Organisation, said the number of young people calling its helpline doubled in 6 months, mainly because of the storyline. There is no reason why - if done properly - Craig Moon can't achieve something similar for people with Down's syndrome. But to do this effectively, Craig needs to have some realistic storylines. Of course, he should be seen in and around Albert Square regularly - doing mundane things like popping into the launderette - and being an active member of the community, which will help to improve the public's understanding of people with the condition. But it shouldn't end there. There is so much scope for dramatic, yet true-to-life stories that Craig could be involved in, that soaps haven't covered before, such as experiencing (and dealing with) hate crime, for example. This is often a hidden crime, but a storyline in EastEnders would make it a national talking point. This is an opportunity that EastEnders' scriptwriters should grab. No other soap has done anything like this. It might just help to change attitudes, as well as making Elliot Rosen a star.