The Down's Syndrome Association (DSA) has launched a new workprogramme, WorkFit, to coincide with Down's Syndrome Awareness Week(March 19-25). 

WorkFit has been designed to bridge the gap betweenemployers and employees with Down's syndrome. 

The programme will give employers advice and resources on developing roles for people with Down's syndrome, and provide candidates that are ready for work, as well as good practice strategies and on-going support. The aim is to ensure employers have the confidence to employ and retain people with Down's syndrome. 

For people with Down's syndrome,WorkFit will develop opportunities with organisations that meeting individual's support needs and work aspirations, identify support options available within their community, guidance on accessing work support provisions such as Access to Work and provide on-going support. 

WorkFit has been developed in response the the DSA's'Invisible Workforce Report', which was published in January 2008.

That report contained a survey that found that 49% of respondentswere not in any form of employment, either paid or unpaid. It alsofound that 80% of DSA members would like to work or had tried toget a job. For more information, visit the WorkFit website at: