Easy NewsThe December edition of accessible magazine Easy News is now available and includes details of the Tower of London poppy display, the Band Aid 30 appeal and a round-up of the political party conferences.

Easy News, published by disability charity United Response, aims to inform people with disabilities about current affairs and how politics affects our lives, offering a summary of a number of key news stories using plain language and explanatory images.

Also included in this month’s edition is a variety of quick news stories, as well as news of the protests in Hong Kong and the first tweet sent by the Queen.

Easy News seeks to encourage debate around a range of stories and keep readers informed by simplifying the complex language that can often put people off finding out more about the news. 

When the magazine was first launched at the beginning of 2013, some 40% of people United Response surveyed could name a big news event. That number has now increased to 73%, highlighting the benefits of providing information in a clear and simple format.

United Response champions the importance of easy read and believes that a greater understanding of the basic workings of politics and news breeds greater enthusiasm for political involvement.

Diane Lightfoot, United Response’s director of communications and fundraising, said: “The latest edition of Easy News features a varied range of news stories, maintaining its original aim to make news accessible for the thousands of people with learning disabilities who have found themselves excluded from public debate in the past.

“The success of the magazine speaks to the positive impact that making information accessible can have.”

To download the 12th edition of Easy News, go to: www.unitedresponse.org.uk/easy-news