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How to change up quality of life for people with learning disabilities and / or autism


Learning Disability Today calls for accommodation, care and mental health approaches to be designed to reflect the wishes of those with learning disabilities and / or autism.

Martin and Kevin, who have learning disabilities, Alexis, who is autistic, and Tessa, who is both autistic and has a learning disability, describe in our exclusive video series how people with complex needs can be supported to realise the same quality of life experienced by people without learning disabilities or autism.

Watch all the videos below and share your thoughts on Twitter. #Iwanttochangeitup

How have people responded to you and your condition throughout your life?


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My condition's alright – there’s nothing wrong with it – but I was bullied all the time.



What could have prevented you from being victimised because of your learning disability / autism?


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I see the world differently; I hear the world differently; I feel the world differently.



What do you value about your current living arrangements?


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My friends I live with calm me down if I get agitated. I like the set up here. We're still hoping to move to a slightly bigger house and hopefully have my own pet.



How can carers and service users realise positive feelings including pride, dignity and joy?


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What makes me cross is that in some things I've read, they tend to blame it on the child themselves.