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assessment and treatment units

Assessment and treatment units are designed to be short-term secure placements for people with learning disabilities to receive treatment before moving back into the community. However, they are controversial and people can live in them for years.

LDT London 2014 Exclusive Content Liz Kendall

Winterbourne View Hospital: A Serious Case Review

Department of Health Review: Winterbourne View Hospital

At any one time around 15,000 people in England have learning disabilities or autism and behaviour that challenges. Most of these people are supported by their family carers or live independently in the community, often with complex packages of support. But at any one time, around 1,200 of these people may be in hospital services for assessment and treatment. This review is about the quality of health and care services they receive.
This report does not cover what happened at Winterbourne View hospital as criminal proceedings are ongoing. The Department will publish a full report, including what happened at Winterbourne View, when criminal proceedings have concluded. However, strong evidence that the health and care system is not meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities or autism and behaviour that challenges has already been found. There is a vast gap between policy and practice. This report sets out the actions that Government are taking now to address the serious issues already identified.
This report is based on:the reports of the Care Quality Commission's (CQC) focussed inspection of 150 hospitals and care homes for people with learning disabilities and the national summary report, published alongside this report;widespread engagement with people with learning disabilities, people with autism, family carers voluntary groups, with health and care commissioners, providers and professionals, as well as the regulators; andother evidence submitted to the review team.

Winterbourne View: Update and Action Needed.

Review of Adult Social Care Complaints 2013